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From offline to online

The team

Two UX/UI designers, Product manager, Web developer. 

I was the design lead, responsible for the concept formulation, design processes, and managing the work of the graphic designer.


share is a socially-conscious brand with a unique mission: for every purchase of beverages, food, hygiene, or stationery items, a similar item is donated to someone in need, allowing customers to make a meaningful impact with their everyday purchases while supporting various social projects.


Shortage in consumer insights

was lacking direct contact with their customers. The majority of customer data was stored with the merchants that sold share's products. This made it difficult to gather essential data about their customer base, hindering product improvement and monetization efforts. 

Current shop design 


From B2B to D2C online successThe primary aim of this project was to transition share from a business-to-business (B2B) model, where share sold products through grocery stores, to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online store. This shift was driven by the desire to eliminate the middleman and directly connect with customers, making it possible for share to improve their product lines and easily access new markets. 

Workshop project kickoff 

E-commerce Website Development with Story Integration.

In this project, I was responsible for developing an e-commerce platform that is not only facilitating product sales, but also telling the company's story, mirroring the user in-store experience where customers could discover the company's mission and product impact through packaging messages and QR code scanning.

share’s bestseller product

Discovery Phase

To prepare for the project, I conducted a competitor analysis, attempting to answer two key questions:


E-commerce Architecture

How might we come up with an e-commerce architecture to align with industry best practices and enhance the user experience?


Storytelling in E-commerce

How might we learn from how leading e-commerce brands effectively convey their narratives to engage users during shopping?

Trust & Transparency
Setup & Architecture
Engaging Elements

Key Findings
Through research and user interviews, important findings surfaced:

Customers prioritize clarity in understanding how their contributions support a cause.

Simplicity and straightforward access to fundamental information are highly valued by users.

Sustainability, along with social impact, emerges as a fundamental values among consumers.

User Testing and Iteration
During the wireframing phase, I created a prototype and conducted user testing to ensure the platform effectively conveyed its mission. Insights from these tests led to structural improvements, enhanced communication of social projects, the addition of FAQ sections, and elements to build brand trust among new users.

The Solution
Digital transparency and tangibility in mind

share developed a design strategy to illustrate its business model, connecting each product directly to the project it supports. This approach aimed to showcase the tangible impact of each shared product. The project comprised three key pages:


Shop Home Page

Designed to increase transparency and trust, this page features: Strong USPs highlighting share's values. Introduction to share's business model and its impact. Authentic testimonials. Logos of reputable partners. FAQ section addressing sustainability and social impact."Contact Us" section.


Shop Products Overview

This page focuses on showcasing the impact of each product and streamlining the shopping process: Categories, search bar, and sorting options for quick product discovery. Clear display of the donation associated with each product.


Product Detail Page

This page provides detailed information about the product and its associated project while encouraging purchases: Prominent social impact messaging. A direct link to the donation. In-depth project details.


During this project, I had the chance to construct an e-commerce platform from scratch, and to transform share from an offline to an online brand all while preserving its unique narrative.

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