share x congstar mobile app 

The team
share: UX/UI designer, Product manager.
congstar: Two UX/UI designer, web developer.

I played a key role in leading the concept and design of the App, simultaneously supervising a team of two designers from congstar to ensure that the external provider implemented the project in accordance with our business requirements.


The company I work for, share: The social impact brand, has joined forces with congstar, a seasoned player in the mobile communication sector, to tackle the worldwide education crisis. When you use share mobile each month, you are actively contributing to a month of digital education support in Kenya. It's two partners with one mission.


This new partnership created an opportunity for share and congstar users to have continuous impact on people's life, but there was no tangible and informative way for these users to keep track of their accumulated contributions.


Creating share mobile app


Expanding design system for app use cases

Our primary task involved expanding share's established online brand identity to accommodate a wide range of app-related scenarios while maintaining its core identity. 


Merging brand identities

We also leveraged Congstar's existing mobile app structure, adapting and extending it  to produce a distinctive product with a unique look and feel.

congstar App
Gathering user insight

Exploring congstar's current app provided a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the behavior of existing users. To gather pertinent information, I conducted a series of stakeholder interviews aimed at identifying key considerations and potential pitfalls in the development of a solution for our specific use case.

The process

Mapping the User Journey.

Using congstar's data, we examined the screens and user flows within their mobile app. Our focus was on integrating share's brand presence throughout the app, ensuring clear communication of the education project it supports, and expanding the user flow to introduce users to share and its mission.

New wireframes including share touchpoints


Impact meets consumption.

Data revealed that users visited the home screen approximately seven times a month, primarily to check their consumption status.

Recognizing this pattern, we decided to make this screen the focal point for introducing the project users were supporting. Now, users can see their contributions to the education project every time they check their consumption status.

The share Impact tab.

To further integrate share's brand content for Congstar's users who are not familiar with share, we introduced the "Impact tab." In the MVP version, users can access the "share magazine" for relevant content and brand stories. In the future, we plan to cross-sell content to promote upcoming products, driving more traffic to our brand.


Our design approach was rooted in share's existing online brand style guide. Balancing share's brand identity while expanding the design framework for app-specific scenarios was a central challenge we successfully addressed.

New elements for the design system


This project marked a significant milestone for share, strategically positioning the company to enter the telecommunications market with a competitive product. The initiative unlocked substantial revenue potential and enhanced the impact of donations by implementing a subscription-based model. The share mobile app has now become the focal point of the Telco product, representing a noteworthy step in share's progression towards scalable and impactful digital products.

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